What our customers think?

Jo S. 
North Hollywood, CA


I'm glad we stopped inside this art gallery while strolling around in downtown Palm Springs. The art displayed in the windows it surely gets your attention. Since we are interested in modern art, this place was fun to explore. It's bigger than you think, it has a wonderful back patio area with many paintings and sculptures on display.

This gallery showcases not only art by Elena Bulatova, but also creations of other artists so the styles vary making it fun to look around. It's very diverse. Sure, some of the prices are high, but this is original art, so it's not that shocking.

They need more places like this art gallery in Palm Springs. The art highlighted in here fits the style of the area so well.


 Kealani S. 
 New York, NY

Oh my gosh this gallery is absolutely wonderful! Shout-out to Pam and Svetlana for their help in shipping multiple pieces cross country. The gallery is gorgeous and has so many unique pieces, and they will definetley work with you price wise. Beyond accommodating, we love our pieces and cannot wait for an upcoming vegas trip to check out the gallery. Thank you everyone!!


  Vincent L. 
Cleveland, OH


 If you enjoy contemporary art that has relatable, often pop culture-influenced twists to it, you'll absolutely love this dazzling gallery here at the entrance to Aria that is absolutely jam-packed with kaleidoscopic, pleasantly provocative, and often ginormous pieces.

I didn't do much research before stopping by, so I was even more impressed to discover that Elena Bulatova is not an art dealer but is in fact the artist behind many of the pieces here. Super-sized lollipops and popsicles evoke how Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen (one of whose works, "Typewriter Eraser," is coincidentally displayed right outside as part of the CityCenter public art collection) are famous for having turned everyday objects into monstrously sized, highly Instagrammable public sculptures. Other works feature pop culture icons in colorful, vivid fashion that recalls Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Even if your wallet doesn't match these works in size, you can still browse and recharge your senses. There's so much to admire in this huge, jam-packed space. A testament to Elena's creativity and hard work!


Emily S. 

Love this gallery. Have not been in it for about 8 years. The art is amazing and creative. And the person who helped me was very nice. Has a very Warhol meets Vegas feel. Even just to walk through I highly recommend.

Sharlene C. 
Monterey Park, CA

We love pop art!  And the colors and pieces in here are amazing!  Sales person was also knowledgeable and helped us customize our art piece.  Yes we got a lollipop for our dining table!

 Lucky S. 
Los Angeles, CA

This art gallery is much larger than I ever imagined from the street and has a very near outdoor garden- like exhibit area.

I would classify the majority of the art featured as pop culture/modern, but there is always something interesting to look at and we've always been greeted warmly when looking.

 Bradley H. 
San Francisco, CA

 To be honest, I am not exactly a big fan of fine art,  But I found this place to be quite amazing!

When I was there, they had a giant "life sized" bumblebee transformer metal piece of art at the entrance which was what drew me in...I have a picture w it but I won't embarrass myself by posting it.

Inside, I love their various pieces of art on different media...including their signature melted lolly pops, human mesh frame sculptures, as well as their comic newspaper art featuring Batman, Donald Duck, Richie Rich, and other very recognizable cartoons from the past and present.

Through the entire downtown Palm Springs area, I would have to say that this was my favorite shop out of everything...just a very modern, light hearted jaunt down memory lane...definitely not your typical, boring, art exhibit!

Britney M. 
Riverside, CA

What amazing art! You walk in and there are so many colors that catch your eye. I think my favorite part of Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery was the glitter and lollipop art throughout the gallery. I would never buy it because it's ridiculously overpriced lol but I can appreciate it. I'm a huge Katy Perry fan and the lollipops and colors just screamed California Girls to me. Anyway some of the other stuff was cool too. I liked the Converse art pieces. The gallery also featured a cute Pug picture on the wall that gave me all the feels. Elena Bulatova Fine Art offered unique art pieces that are beautiful and so creative. Even if you can't afford to buy something here, it's fun to walk through and appreciate the artistry. I highly recommend taking a look at this gallery.

Tim A. 
Austin, TX

Well to be honest! I was stunned by her art work! My friend Lisa and Erik had one of her paintings in their new house in Las Vegas when I came to visit in December for a Christmas Party! You know that feeling when you like something it's draws a positive energy vibe. This is how I discovered Elena Bulatova Fine Arts. I'm definitely gonna buy some art work from her soon:)

Melissa B. 
Jacksonville, NC

The most amazing museum I've ever been too! A must see if you are on the strip. I couldn't afford a thing in it so definitely something for high rollers. Took about 15-20 minutes to walk thru and free admission!


 Brett M. 
Issaquah, WA

Elena's artwork is both fascinating and relatable. Walking through her studio has the ability to ignite anyone's inner artist and connect with what she has has achieved. If you're in Vegas stop by and walk around. Terri Conley is the art consultant and is a true doll. She really made our experience here sincere and memorable.


 Rosey S. 
Orange County, CA

What an awesome little gallery I just came across in downtown Laguna Beach...it basically has all of my favorite types of art...might just be my favorite gallery I've found!
It opened up 6 months ago...met the owner...she has 3 other locations...one being in Vegas. I asked her about the coffee table nail art piece, which was very well priced...but she said she can work out a number for me if I'm really interested. I let her know I was just curious & that I'm more planning on making my own.
If I were to buy a piece of art, it would probably come from this gallery...and next time I'm in Vegas, I'll be checking out that location too!

 Suzie B. 
Newport Beach, CA

AMAZING ART! I just happened to be strolling down Forest Ave. in Laguna Beach a couple of weekends ago and this gallery stood out as something new. So I stopped in and was amazed at the originality of the art on display. If I had any more wall space I would certainly be buying something.

If you are into contemporary pieces, you have to stop by this location. Mogie Dillow, the consultant on the floor that day, knew all the artists personally and was so generous in explaining the background and inspiration for all the pieces. Just stop by when you're in the neighborhood, or if you're in the market for some really eye-catching conversation-piece art!!

 Laura S. 
Carmel Valley, San Diego, CA

Bought a few items there and very pleased with the artwork. Great service as well. Love the blow pop sculptures. Hope to get one for our back yard soon to match the 2 in our home.

 Hagit E. 
La Quinta, CA

I came to check out this Art Gallery that my friend recommended to me and I absolutely loved it! I found some pieces that my husband and I fell in love with! And I was very pleased with their customer service. Looking forward to visiting again!

 Nikki O. 
Anaheim, CA

 Pretty cool art pieces at this place!!! There was so much to see and those huge lollipops throughout the museum are pretty cool like that. After our friend talked to the lady at the info desk, she said that a husband and wife create the art pieces which I thought was really cool. Definitely a must see for all art lovers and just to walk around and look at cool stuff throughout the exhibit!

 Kristina N. 
Los Angeles, CA


I Fell Back in Love With Art after going to this Pop Art Gallery!  I walked in looking at resin candy art smelling the Tart and sweet aroma of candy. Art Gallery Host were very informative and friendly.

 Brian H
Arlington, TX


First, we absolutely loved the artwork of Elena Bulatova. After some ooh's and ah's, we noticed that the gallery accepts cryptoassets. We are excited to have the opportunity to use cryptoassets for payment and we're impressed that multiple types of assets are accepted. We made payment with Bitcoin directly through Elena and hope that other crypto-hodlers will enjoy her artwork through future purchases. This may be a niche audience at this time, though if you are in that group, know that Elena made the process easy and a great experience! Check out the photos to see why we loved her artwork and are happy to have a piece of it home with us.

  Darla S
Los Angeles, CA

Took my kids to Palm Springs for a few days as a getaway, they are 10 & 14. We were drawn in by the giant robot sculptures ( I have boys) and were greeted warmly by "Big Mike". What an amazing collection of art. But what my review is really about is Mike. He took us around and gave us this history and background on each artist and the different mediums. He encouraged my boys to touch some of the stone sculptures and told them where (Zimbabwe in a poor village..) the stone was mined and the process of the art's creation. My boys were enthralled by his willingness to share his passion with us. Everyone should have someone that patient and passionate  working for them. YAY Big Mike!