How is abstract art created? Abstract Wall by Elena Bulatova

In this video, I would like to share my amazing story of how my larger-than-life Wall of Abstraction came to be! Do you ever wonder how abstract art is created? Take a closer look at the different styles of paintings and find out what inspires me to be an artist and create my artwork!

How did Elena start to paint. Life is a game.

Elena Bulatova tells the history of how she began her career as an artist, working in a garage in her early years! She walks us through the Las Vegas gallery 10 years later, and shared how recycled materials and found objects like bullets can be used to create art! She shows us her latest sculpture “Life is a Game” and shares how the philosophy for life and art are one and the same! Take a look!

The Fine Art Toy Collection. Elena Bulatova

Let’s go behind the scenes of the Las Vegas art studio with Elena Bulatova. Join us for an inside tour of the artist at work in her studio! We watch as Elena creates sculptures for her Toy Collection. Elena shows us how she paints - showing collectors how the incredible abstract art is created and what gives the color that extra “Pop”! Come inside the artist studio and check it out!

Art on Newspaper. The Inside Scoop on the Elena Bulatova's Wall Street Journal Series

Art on Newspaper - Elena Bulatova gives us the inside scoop on her Wall Street Journal Series. Listen in as Elena shares her inspiration for this inspirational, positive-change collection. Elena shares how as a young student, she was taken aback by the negativity in the newspaper. Watch as she shows us how she uses art and childhood heroes to bring a positive light to each front-page story!

What Piece of Art Attracts Everyone at a Fine Art Gallery?

Elena Bulatova takes us inside a gallery event at Elena Bulatova Fine Art in Las Vegas! Join us on an inside tour of the gallery to hear which artworks draw in the crowd and what inspires collectors the most! Elena meets with her guests in the galley and listens as they describe the prices that they most relate to. 

"Celebrating the Arts" at Elena Bulatova Fine Art Las Vegas

High Rise Life Magazine with Elena Bulatova Fine Art hosting party “Celebrating the Arts at Elena Bulatova Fine Art Las Vegas Gallery on November 5th 2021


Elena Bulatova Fine Art and Yelena Brezhneva hosted The Holiday Cocktail Reception in supporting Inspiring Сhildren Foundation.