Ofer Rubin

Ofer Rubin

Ofer Rubin graduated from the Department of Industrial design at the Bezalel Academy.

A multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur. Ofer combines multiple forms of visual arts.

The broad range of creations is based on the use of common sense, creative agility, and production talent.

the passion for innovation and the human form are combined into his work resulting in his personal artistic signature in his Art.

Following over fifteen years of creation, primarily in the virtual worlds including 3D animation and design. Computer game design.Tv Commercials, music videos, and jewelry simulations. Ofer has now returned from the virtual world into the world of basic material creation.

Soft yet rough.powerful yet fragile. Two dimensional transformed into three dimensional. A beginning and an end. In Perfect harmony, the artist Ofer Rubin has succeeded in fusing all the intricacies of the human body into a single piece of molded and shaped metal mesh. the everyday rough, coarse, and unforgiving materials, usually unseen by the human eye as they are hidden under the ground we walk upon as supporting foundations, the concrete, and metal mesh come to the forefront and eternalize the creation. The use of these materials to create human bodies that are both fragile yet forceful and make the creation process highly complex and emotionally demanding.

The metal mesh draws the human muscle, tissue, and bone in an empty space. Yet the semitransparent mesh allows the viewer to develop their own interpretation of the naked human as it exists in the space. The forming material's weight and simplicity is contrasted by the shameless outreach of the arms,conveying the sense that the sculpture is trying to continue its evolution and leap out of the base castings that fixes it in place. The edges seem like branches ending with an unraveling into space. Few Sculptures are created by the artist, with no use of any templates or castings. Each resulting Sculpture is one of a kind, and no two are the same.