Barrels By Efi Mashiah




Efi Mashiah Biography

Efi Mashiah is nationally recognized as one of the 100 successful men and a well established artist in Las Vegas. He was acknowledged for his Screw Art Series and his dedicatedness to build a scultpure out of recycled materials, incorporating used coca-cola cans to build bikes and screws as the main medium of his work to create three-dimensional artworks.  He does not rely on computer to pixelate his works. Thus, he makes a grid and drills in screws at a certain key points like the tip of the nose to establish the depth of the artwork.

Efi Mashiah is born in Israel and based in California. One of the owner of Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery. The first Ebfa Gallery was situated in california (Palm Springs) way back _ _ _ _ and just a few span of time they added other branches situated in different location(Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, and Palm desert) with the help of her business Partner Elena Bulatova.

Efi Mashiah works are exhibited in Elena Bulatova Fine Art in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Las Vegas and Laguna Beach.




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