Lenticular Prints by Efi Mashiah

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Lenticular Prints by Efi Mashiah


Efi Mashiah, co-owner of Elena Bulatova Fine Art, is best known for his three dimensional sculptures using recycled materials such as oil barrels and bullet casings. He specializes in artwork with three dimensional qualities made in metals. One of his most popular collections of prints to date is an interactive series that changes as you move around it. This series, called Lenticular Prints is a collection of artworks, each containing three images within one. 

Lenticular artwork is a composition of three unique images, assembled together into one frame. These artworks are not flat like a traditional two dimensional image would be, but instead they are assembled in perpendicular strips to form three images. Each of these separate images can only be seen as the viewer moves their physical being around the artwork. The artwork changes as the viewer moves from side to side, with one central image, viewable from straight on. Mashiah’s Lenticular artworks are a balance between body positioning and the viewers left and right eyes, making them fun and interactive for all!


Mashiah is well known for his Lenticular Prints that follow the Pop Art inspiration of his gallery, named after his wife and fellow artist Elena Bulatova. Mashiah has been known to use other content to populate his Lenticular images as well, including: superheroes, pop art, graphic text, beloved characters and has even made a few custom portraits!

Efi Mashiah is nationally recognized as one of the 100 successful men and a well established artist in Las Vegas. Hanging in his Las Vegas gallery, this artist has made a special Lenticular Print of himself, that thoughtfully ages from left to right as you move around the image. As the viewer moves the opposite direction, from left to right, they can see him get younger! The sky is the limit with this ingenious creator, Efi Mashiah. Current work can be seen on display at Elena Bulatova Fine Art is Las Vegas, NV and Palm Desert, CA.