Las Vegas Power Player Elena Bulatova to reopen Las Vegas Gallery after pandemic! What to expect?

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Las Vegas Power Player Elena Bulatova to reopen Las Vegas Gallery after pandemic! What to expect?

Artist and Art Gallery owner Elena Bulatova is reopening Las Vegas Gallery. As one named of Las Vegas Power Players in 2020 she is trying to lead by example   


Resuming operations after a worldwide pandemic due to COVID -19 is never an easy task. In such times of uncertainty, everybody is looking for a sure way to succeed in trying to figure out the new norm. Elena Bulatova, artist and gallery owner of Elena Bulatova Fine Art is fine-tuning the details of her gallery re-opening. Balancing factors like complying with current regulations, creating safe new protocols, yet still ensuring a fine, relaxed ambiance for her guests is quite the extraordinary task needing a true power player to maneuver.

Elena Bulatova, talented artist, art dealer, and gallerist, who likes to show how the world can be more colorful with art, runs Elena Bulatova Fine Art galleries in California, Nevada, and Florida with her husband, fellow artist Efi Mashiah. She was named Las Vegas Power Player 2020 earlier this year and is looking forward to being a part of the force that lies behind getting Las Vegas back to business.

In addition to this prestigious acknowledgment, she was also named in Las Vegas Top 100 Women of the Year 2019. She is a recipient of the prestigious Fox International Fellowship at Yale University, as well as a stipend from the French Government and admittance to Science PO. Elena Bulatova Fine Art was the winner of the Family & Visitor Attraction Award 2019. Despite all these versatile competencies, nothing prepared her for a world-wide pandemic that occurred in 2020.

Slowly but surely casinos, hotels, businesses, galleries, and establishments are reopening but nothing is really how it used to be it is up to the power players to help navigate through and establish changes to create the new norm. Galleries are taking extraordinary measures during this global pandemic and we are definitely following suit. While cozy, carefree celebrations in the gallery seem unlikely anytime soon, in-person art-viewing experiences many of us crave may be possible this summer. For those clients who crave such experience but still reluctant to leave their home, we are offering virtual art demonstrations or a complimentary art & interior design consultation in our client’s home. Having said that, we are confident that we are finding the way for visual culture—and business— return to a happy, socially distanced, new normal in our physical locations as well. We might request our guests to sign a guest book, to ensure we can track everybody we come in contact with.  

Elena says “with acknowledgment comes responsibility, and our team takes this very seriously. We want to be an ambassador for the cause of getting our community back on its feet. We will do everything in our power to help spearhead the restoration process with our fellow power players who contribute so much to the Las Vegas society” - Elena Bulatova.

This is not the first time Elena wants to be a prominent part of the solution for rebuilding the business community and restoring stability, especially in her art community. She is actively involved in various humanitarian projects and recently became the Ambassador in the campaign for the American Cancer Society called Power in Purple.

Even though her eye-catching artwork is now in many private collections in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe, and available to purchase online, they would love the community to support the local gallery as it reopens its doors.