Las Vegas NV Recycled Art - Efi Mashiah Coin/Penny Iconic Portraits Launched

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Las Vegas NV Recycled Art - Efi Mashiah Coin/Penny Iconic Portraits Launched

Elena Bulatova Fine Art is now retailing the latest recycled art celebrity portrait collection from Israeli artist Efi Mashiah.

Elena Bulatova Fine Art, a fine art gallery and dealer located in Las Vegas, Nevada, has recently acquired California-based Israeli artist Efi Mashiah’s most recent collection, titled ‘Pennies’. The collection, which is now available to interested buyers, features large scaled representations of iconic faces comprised entirely of pennies.

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The release of Efi Mashiah’s new collection, a collection that makes characteristic use of recycled materials, coincides with the peak in popularity of the recycled art movement that has been witnessed during 2021.

As the commentary presented by the movement on the waste associated with late capitalism has become increasingly relevant throughout this challenging year, Efi Mashiah hopes to bring to light the enduring value of an item that is often overlooked and is now in many ways considered defunct.

His appropriation of an everyday or found item also signals the kind of quotidian beauty that is often missed in a society fixated on the consumption and quick disposal of new things.

Mashiah’s penny artworks reveal themselves differently as the viewer changes perspective. From afar they present an image of singular clarity, but on closer inspection, they offer a level of intricate nuance and detail held by every single penny.

Amongst the range of famous faces which the artist has recreated are Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Twiggy, John Lennon, and Mona Lisa.

‘Pennies’ represents a new step in Mashiah’s development as an artist whilst building on the now highly-praised three-dimensional style witnessed in prior collections including ‘Let’s Paint’, ‘Screw Art Boards’, ‘Peaceful Brand Bullets’ and ‘Lenticular Prints’.

Mashiah has been a practicing artist and designer for more than 20 years and he has been exhibiting with Elena Bulatova Fine Art for many of those years.

Elena Bulatova Fine Art is a prominent gallery in the Las Vegas art scene. They have been featured widely in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and the New York Post.

Interested buyers can view Mashiah’s full collection online or in person at the gallery.

Mashfiah said of his latest collection and his raison d’être as an artist, “My artwork is a tribute to ordinary American families and the blue-collar work ethic that binds the heart of the United States.”

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