“Flower Bears” Collection by Elena Bulatova

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“Flower Bears” Collection by Elena Bulatova

Elena Bulatova has been making artwork since her early childhood years. Her artwork radiates with color, positivity, metallic finishes and ultimately - joy. With this in mind, the “Flower Bears” project came innately to Bulatova as it represents love, comfort and the inner child - the real self. The bear is a strong and timeless symbol in combination with the timeless tradition of giving flowers. The artist has given traditional symbols a personal touch and made them timeless artworks, suitable to sit in any interior or outdoor space. 

Bulatova has chosen to use her palette of bright colors and was inspired by the shapes of real flowers to build the overall shape of a bear. Roses represent love. Unlike real roses, sculptures by Bulatova last indefinitely. These artworks by Bulatova are romantic and sweet, winning over any viewer. Those who stand to observe the artworks, experience nostalgia of childhood and memories with loved ones. These feelings are further amplified as the sculptures expand in size. 

Elena Bulatova debuted her latest edition in the “Flower Bears” collection, during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at the famed Madison Club in April 2022. This new edition is a bright pink Bear standing an astounding seven feet tall, covered in hundreds of realistic roses. At this size the viewer is able to interact with the sculpture by walking all the way around it and the verdict is - the luxury, grandeur and emotional gesture is undeniable.

This collection appeals to a wide audience as teddy bears are a timeless keepsake across many cultures offering nostalgia, comfort and unconditional love. Bulatova uses her artwork, her philanthropy and now motherhood to spread joy and hope with others, and this collection is a perfect embodiment of such efforts. Like most projects by Bulatova, “Flower Bears” offers a universal symbol of love, joy, and beauty for all collectors and viewers and is available in custom colors, finishes, and sizes.