Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery Debuts the First NFT Exhibition During the Coachella Weekend

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Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery Debuts the First NFT Exhibition During the Coachella Weekend



The Gift of Sight Digital Art Collection will consist of landscape images donated that people find beautiful or inspiring — and then digital artists will overlay filters that represent visual impairment.   

The collection is an expression of living with visual impairment.

This collection made its real-world gallery debut at Elena Bulatova Fine Art on April 14, 2022, in Palm Desert, CA during the first weekend of sold-out Coachella. The opening featured a selection of NFTs from the collection for sale.


Your eyesight is a gift… and easy to take for granted. 

The latest global figures show 90% of vision loss is preventable or treatable.

You can give the gift of SIGHT to a child or adult who is facing blindness.


The Gift of Sight raised $216,000 for four charities that support people with visual impairment. The collection sold out in less than 4 days during the pre-sale.

The Gift of Sight is impacting the lives of the visually impaired — raising much-needed funds for:

Education: Voyagers Community School … Pioneers in progressive education, launching a scholarship and dedicated community outreach effort.

Research: Foundation Fighting Blindness … The world’s leading private funder of retinal disease research who have identified over 270 Genes linked to retinal disease and launched over 40 clinical trials.

Prevention: Orbis International … Treating preventable causes of blindness internationally. In Ethiopia alone, Orbis has conducted 25million medical treatments and 200,000+ surgeries for treatable and preventable blindness.

Assistance: Guide Dogs for The Blind … Trains and provides guide dogs for the visually impaired at no cost for the recipient. Celebrating 80 years of impact and awareness.