California Positive Affirmation Wall Art For Self Belief Series Launched

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California Positive Affirmation Wall Art For Self Belief Series Launched

A new positive thinking and self-belief inspiring art series has been launched by Elena Bulatova. The talented artist and art dealer aims to inspire people around the US to believe in themselves and achieve more.

Elena Bulatova Fine Art has launched a new affirmation art series to help inspire change across the country. The Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery is an extravagant venue presenting the artwork of world-famous artists, Elena Bulatova, Eli Mashiah, and a variety of others.

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The gallery features a wide variety of sculptures and paintings, including eye-catching mixed-media designs. Elena herself is well recognized around the world for her mixed-media approach to art, her use of color and her large-scale installations.

Her gallery is one of the premier global designations specializing in cutting-edge international contemporary art in all media. She provides designs for the savvy collector and those newer to the art world.

Now, with the country in turmoil and set against the backdrop of the uninviting economic climate, Elena is joining other artists in concentrating on positive affirmations and messages through her art.

With her latest artist series, she has put her own unique spin on positive affirmation and motivation art with her “You Are Beautiful” collection. She is converting how she feels about the current uneasy state of the world and trying to make a positive difference.

While positive affirmation art has been around for years, Elena Bulatova has put her own unique twist on the approach with striking designs that can fit in any home decor style. The ultimate aim is to have a positive impact on families across the country even in these uncertain times.

The aim of the new series is to make people achieve more or to think differently about the things they may be learning or doing. She hopes the series will instill a positive reinforcement in the brain, and reprogram the subconscious mind.

Ultimately this will allow people to improve their self belief and confidence, while enjoying visually appealing art in their immediate surroundings.

Her new collection revolves around positive statements with a universal message. Everyone can relate to the messages and take something away to apply to their own unique situation.

She states: “These art pieces are executed on polished stainless steel with mirror surface and it gives the observer the opportunity to see a reflection of himself and read the affirmation.”

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