Artist Elena Bulatova Uses the Newspaper to Deliver a More Positive Message

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Artist Elena Bulatova Uses the Newspaper to Deliver a More Positive Message

The “Wall Street Journal Series” by Elena Bulatova is a collection of multi-media artworks Bulatova created on authentic Newspaper pages. The pages are adorned with images of cartoons and superheroes, chosen for their extraordinary powers, abilities, and exceptional skills. The talents that these iconic and recognizable characters possess are gifts beyond the world we know, which is what makes them heroes in their respective stories.

As with all of her artwork, Bulatova tackles universal problems with symbols that are widely shared. Globalization and media bring us together and connect us with news instantly, though we still cannot solve all the problems that our world encounters. As the newspaper reports current events of the world, including negative news, conflicts, diseases, and war, these characters possessing supernatural powers give us hope to fight against these forces. They represent hope to find solutions and bring optimism for the future.

Bulatova mounts and frames the finished artworks in a way that draws the eye to the bright colors of the illustration from a distance, but promotes an active examination of the text behind these images as the viewer moves in closer. The interactive change in focal points is just as paradoxical as the content and embellished image on top. In line with Pop art and Contemporary art themes, Bulatova makes a subtle commentary on the contrasting world we live in today.

Elena Bulatova Fine Art is known for using found and common objects as well as recycled materials. The gallery features artwork made from recycled bullet casings, repurposed oil drums, newspapers and collages made of used books, articles, and other print. For Bulatova, the muses for creation are all around us just like the news of current events. 

This series of artwork is made on actual newspapers, making the scale and accessibility a great way for any collector to add to their existing collection or for those just getting started in their artwork acquisition. Bulatova uses the hope of a better world to fill her artwork with joy. People often remark on the way artwork by Bulatova makes them feel, and this is her mission - bringing the lightness of life into art so it can be shared with others.