Guillermo Forchino

’65 Ford Mustang

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Medium: Mixed Media-Polyresin
Size: 14 x 6.5 x 4.9
Thanks to his new classic Ford Mustang, Charly was sure that the beautiful Ellen would accept his invitation to take a trip to the cliffs along the coast, an ideal location to seduce her. He would park the car at a seaside spot and put an arm around Ellen�s shoulder. The young woman will look at him tenderly and they would exchange a passionate kiss. The big-bang of the origin of the universe wasn�t anything compared to what Charly felt at that moment. The scarlet red that Ellen�s lips left on his cheek was the best trophy he could show his friends. Plus the red went perfectly with the color of his convertible and was also the same color as his favorite football team. A perfect day..