Efi Mashiah

Efi MashiahBorn in Israel and California-based Mixed Media & Pop Artist Efi Mashiah has an extraordinary way of expressing his creative mind through his beautiful collections of  3D Artworks “Let’s Paint”, « Screw Art Boards”, “Peaceful Brand Bullets”, “Brand Barrels”, “Lenticular Prints”. With an immense passion for creating art running in his veins from an early age Efi's creative mind sparks with imagery and imagination, he is always ready and eager to design something new.

Efi probed relationships between size and color through working with recycled materials, his ability to express himself as an artist is endless. Efi Mashiah is inspired by everyday objects, he can turn a simple object in to an amazing work of art thus, creating a second life for the everyday object.
He not only creates the art but is involved in every step of the journey, including delivery and installation. Efi has a very rich and unique designing background of more than 20 years.

Some lucky enough to live in Socal could have the chance to have Efi Mashiah personally deliver and install new artwork in their home, and get his personal home designing tips.